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Is your old web host buckling under the traffic? Are you suffering from slow load times, or a poor conversion rate for products being sold? Would you like to add some custom functionality such as memberships to your site, that you don’t currently have? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Managed hosting with Convex Code takes all of the worry off of your shoulders. We handle site security, including updates to fix any vulnerabilities, and secure password practices. As your site grows in traffic, we can upgrade the resources available, to provide a seamless experience for all of your visitors.

We also provide conversion services, if you have a website built on one platform and would like to convert it to another. For example, if you build a site with a platform such as Wix, it can be great for starting off. However, upgrading to a WordPress or other platform allows you the ability to present content and information in a much more eye-catching manner. You can even upgrade from a static site, to a full web store, or convert from a e-commerce platform like Shopify to a website of your own.

We have experience migrating between custom built solutions, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more! Just contact us to discuss the specifics of your need!

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